Mohawk Flooring

Mohawk is known for building quality into every product they make while innovating new products and technologies. They provide us with various high quality flooring types in both hard and soft surfaces, as well as specializing in both residential and commercial areas. With numerous vinyl and carpet product lines, a flooring that best suits your family and needs is easy to find within Mohawk’s various options.

Carpet Overview:

Mohawk has developed a whole new kind of fiber that’s used in their SmartStrand line, which is a blend of a Triexta and PET fiber. Polyester carpets (more common than nylon) are made from a PET fiber. These fibers form together to make various loops or strands that form the carpet’s ‘pile’. The pile height comes in three different levels, creating various layers of plushness or softness. Level one being the shortest, and typically being used for stairs (woven tight typically and having a very low profile), and level three being the tallest and having the most plushness (tufted the most and thickest). Level two tends to be the most common, fitting the sweet spot for still being able to close doors and having a nice level of softness to it.


Air.o is Mohawks Hypoallergenic option, which is still soft and easy to clean. The carpet fibers are attached directly to a premium cushion backing, eliminating the need for a separate cushion. Equipped with stain and soil protection, this carpet can still hold up to the test of everyday living in your home, while still being soft enough for the most used rooms in your household.


EverStrand is one of Mohawk’s most eco-friendly products. With 80% of all plastic bottles ending up in landfills, Mohawk has developed a way to transform these bottles into a carpet fiber strong enough, (but still soft!) to be placed into any room of your home and last. Offering enhanced resistance against accidents and spills, helps to aid in a shorter clean up time. Resulting in more time to spend doing other activities. EverStrand Soft Appeal is made to have a little bit extra softness with odor reducing technology for rooms that have more reoccurring spills and accidents.


Made from Nylon, UltraStrand still can provide the same great quality as other Mohawk carpets while being made from a different fiber creating lasting beauty in your home. It resists wear and crushing, helping you to avoid furniture marks in the floor when you decide to rearrange, and is extremely long lasting.


SmartStrand is one of the most durable, easiest to clean carpets Mohawk has to offer. SmartStrand Silk providing the same perks and warranty, just with three time the amount of fibers to make it Mohawk’s softest carpet. Backed with their All Pet warranty with no pet exclusions, you can rest easy knowing that your pets accidents won’t stain your floor. Since most pets are repeat offenders when it comes to accidents, you don’t have to worry about the protection wearing off over time. With Mohawk All Pet protection, you have lifetime protection from stains! With no moisture absorption, built in stain protection, and durability tested to withstand a rhino (for real, his name is Blake), SmartStrand is built to handle everyday life in a busy home!

LVP Flooring:

Luxury Vinyl Plank, or more commonly known as LVP, is available in glue-down or floating options through Mohawk. LVP consists of being made with mostly wood products that are pressed into numerous layers and typically comes in long and narrow strips rather than traditional tile shapes, although the sizes may vary. LVP has a variety of colors and patterning to chose from